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Poolside Games & Activities

May 23, 2014 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Poolside games and activities take place throughout the summer for kids of all ages – check the signage located next to the Towel Bar in the Pool Oasis for today’s activities and schedule.  See below for samples of activities frequently offered:

  • Over Under: Carefully pass the cup under and over to your team members. Get the most water in your team’s bucket and win first place.
  • Red Light Green Light: Red means stop and green means go; listen carefully to the traffic cop and be the first person to cross the finish line without getting caught in a moving/traffic violation.
  • Slidewinder Race: Twist and turn down our 177’ water slide and see if your time is the fastest. Ages: 4- 99 (must be at least 42” tall and be able to swim).
  • Hula Hoop Contest: The one who can rotate the hoop the longest around any body part, obviously wins! How long can you keep it up!?
  • Water Balloon Challenge: Grab a partner to see if you can toss your water balloon back and forth without it breaking. The last pair with an unbroken water balloon wins.
  • Buckets o’ Fun: Join us for this wild relay race using sponges, buckets, and water. See if your team can work together and take first place.
  • Four Corners: See if luck is on your side, survive each round picking the correct corner and you could be the last one standing.
  • Barn Yard: Feeling silly? Channel your inner animal spirit, listen carefully and see if you can find your match.
  • Mystery Game: Just call it a game with no name, show up to find out what you’ll be playing.
  • Simon Says: Carefully follow the leader’s instructions and only do what “Simon” says. See if you can successfully follow the commands given and win the top prize.
  • Dizzy Bat Race: Spin with your head on a bat and test your balance and speed to the finish line to be number one.
  • Fast Draw: Mosey on down to Mesa Verde to see who’s got the fastest guns in the West. Ages: 6- 99
  • Bull Tag: Be the bull and protect your turf against raiders in a fun 1 vs all game


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